Decarbonising the NZ Beverage Industry. One bottle at a time

Less is more

Using less packaging (bigger bottles) and consuming less product is ultimately better for our planet.

If we can't reduce consumption our next best option is to reuse what we do use now as many times as we can. A single bottle reuse can reduces emissions by over 90% 

Recycling typically involves taking waste back to its core elements to make something new. But this does not come without a cost in terms of high carbon emissions & waste. Much of what we think is recycled also ends up in landfill. (read disposal) 

Our final and least attractive option is to dispose of what we cant reuse or recycle to the earth usually in a landfill

Meet the Founder

Neil Pollett

Neil Pollett

Neil began researching refillables way back in 2012 when two of New Zealand's biggest wineries wanted to make a real difference by significantly lowering their carbon footprint. The market it seemed was not quite ready for such an initiative back then but now with a government backed Container Return Scheme looming  the time is better than ever to make this dream a reality. However a CRS is not the silver bullet some think it is. Its just a different way of collecting trash. Unless you take care of containers you loose their value for reuse. A bottle destined for recycling is worth under 1c but if its reused it could be worth 100 times that and lower recycling related emissions by as much as 95%! Its a game changer.

Neil has extensive knowledge of the beverage and packaging industry having worked in key management positions in NZ and offshore for some of the world's most famous drink brands. He also has worked for New Zealand's only glass manufacturing company in a marketing role and has 30 years of international business experience successfully launching dozens of new products and new business ventures. He's passionate about making a difference by offering proven technology & systems to help kiwi beverage businesses achieve a step change in reducing their carbon emissions

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