Climate Change -
Our biggest challenge

Lets end single use beverage packaging for good

Why smash trash when we can all choose to reuse sustainably

Ever wondered why we wash & reuse wine glasses hundreds of times only to smash or trash every glass wine bottle it came in? Old habits can be hard to break. Washing & refilling glass bottles is one of the best ways you can help save our planet. By using smart new bottle wash, inspection & collection technology we make it possible. A recycled glass bottle generates up to 20 times the carbon emissions of a washed one and often accounts for over half the carbon emissions of what we drink.

Examples of existing beverage reuse pioneers across New Zealand

The Bond Store

Manufactures spirits & liqueurs on the Kapiti coast reusing glass bottles

Supplies & collects bottles from bars & clubs across the lower North Island

ABC Beer Bottles

For over 100 years DB & Lion have sold returnable beer as Swappa Crate 

New Zealand's most proven beverage reuse system operated nationally

Oaklands Milk

In Nelson they supply & collect milk in glass bottles to cafes & home delivery

Across New Zealand they market milk in glass using the Aunt Jeans label